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"...Molly McMahon, who has rapidly become of the most insightful young directors in town..."  -Don calamia of The Cranky Critic

Invasion! by Jonas Hassen Khemiri:


John Quinn of Encore Michigan/Pride Source Media: ""Invasion!" has a manic drive to it, well captured by Molly McMahon and her cast." 


John Monaghan of the Detroit Free Press: "As directed by Molly McMahon, it is funny, insightful and just experimental enough to be challenging."


Collected Stories by Donald Margulies:


John Monaghan of the Detroit Free Press: " acting triumph for its stars," "...excellent...," and "economically staged and thoughtfully acted..."


Carolyn Hayes of Encore Michigan/Pride Source Media: "McMahon's attentive direction pulls these complementary elements together into a vibrant chronicle," and "Every choice is in utter harmony with the script...," and "McMahon and company prove the maxim that a good writer is a good reader, delivering a production that succeeds by its dedication to unpacking and upholding its author's every textual and subtextual inflection."


An interview with Katie Laban of "McMahon wants people to consider what the playwright has brought up within the play that not everything is black and white, but she also wants them to think about it in their own lives."


The Altruists by Nicky Silver:


Carolyn Hayes, The Rogue Critic: "...director Molly McMahon brings jackhammer intensity to a scathing comic indictment." and "McMahon and company make The Altruists at home in Silver’s demented worldview that holds a funhouse mirror up to the fallacy of perpetual do-gooders."


Samantha White, the Oakland Press: "witty and angst-infused" and "The cast makes this one of the best local productions this month, with 90 minutes of nonstop energy and laughs."


Patty Nolan,  "laugh-invoking, thought-provoking" and "directed by Molly McMahon, who played a leading role in The Agony & The Agony and seems to embrace the over-the-top, surreal nature of Silver’s comedies."


Don Calamia, Encore Michigan/Pride Source Media: "Without giving too much away, Director Molly McMahon has found all of the script's humor and pathos and balances the laughs and anguish with great skill. And she has also assembled a fine on-stage and behind-the-scenes ensemble who delivered a near-flawless performance on opening night."


The Current by Sean Paraventi:


Martin F. Kohn, Encore Michigan/Pride Source Media: "Yet, here, enabled by director Molly McMahon and a willing Magenta Giraffe Theatre Company cast and crew, is Paraventi writing the kind of play that might have had your parents in stitches...OK, bowing to contemporary sensibilities The Current is raunchier than your traditional comedy, so don't bring the kids. The Current is current. The Odd Couple it ain't." 


Carolyn Hayes, The Rogue Critic: "McMahon directs the ensuing farcical elements well, using the staircase of Gwen Lindsay's shabby-chic set for maximum voyeuristic effect."


Henrietta Hermaline's Fall from Great Heights by Maggie Smith:


"Though the play has been a success for playwright Smith, winning the New Orleans Summer Play Festival, this production is, in many respects, purely the product of stage director Molly McMahon. Having won the audience award for best direction at last summer's BoxFest Detroit, McMahon was rewarded with the opportunity to produce a show of her choice at the Planet Ant...  The work features a very simple production value, an easy fit for the late night format at the Ant, but more importantly, this aspect makes it a strong vehicle for the very talents that earned McMahon the opportunity."  -- D.A. Blackburn, Encore Michigan


"Written into Henrietta Hermaline is a significant dose of humor, but in lesser hands the work would not be nearly as funny as it is at Planet Ant. McMahon's direction blends seamlessly with her performers' talents for nuanced physical expression and comedic motion, and this is really the key to making a significant impact with this type of flighty (pardon the pun), light-on-substance show."  -- D.A. Blackburn, Encore Michigan


Carolyn Hayes, The Rogue Critic: "Director Molly McMahon won this time slot for her work in the 2009 BoxFest showcase for women directors, which makes this scaled-back and female-centric piece seem rather fitting."


BoxFest Detroit:


The Oakland Press: BoxFest brings out-of-the-box theatre festival to Detroit


Don Calamia, Encore Michigan: An update: It's women's time to shine at BoxFest: "This year's festival, under the leadership of Artistic Director Molly McMahon and Executive Director Kelly Rossi (and their team of producers, designers and jacks of all trades), is the most ambitious yet."


​Don Calamia and D.A. Blackburn, Encore Michigan: Stuffing the box: 14 plays (and two critics) at BoxFest '09: "Another gem is the heavenly Squisher's Atonement by Jacquelyn Priskorn.​.. direction by Molly McMahon couldn't be better."  -- Donald V. Calamia and D.A. Blackburn, Encore Michigan (Squisher's Atonement)



"Molly McMahon's performance as CB's Sister (Sally) delights with a tremendously funny and suitably awkward performance of the artsy Goth."  -- D.A. Blackburn, Encore Michigan (Dog Sees God)

"Cast members... and Molly McMahon are all at their best for this innovative show."  -- Bob Delaney, The New Monitor (Cancer! The Musical)

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